Outsourcing Methodology

Whatever be your need, however you want your project done, how much developer be needed for your project, how many tools may be used and required for your project, we will never charge for the number of persons and tools involved, rather we will charge for the man-hour required to materialize your dreams into reality.

We serve and provide ICT solutions for our out-sourced customers in the following categories:

1. Project based – The client may sign up a contract for certain project(s). In such cases, we provide required numbers of developers and Project Manager(s) to make the project a success in the scheduled period. The project manager and the number of developers will be selected with the detailed discussion with the client. The client will pay for the project as a whole or calculated according to the man-hour needed for the project as the payment method agreed upon by both the parties.

2. Service based – The client may have a contract with us according to the service or small tools or software and web components for his existing software or web applications. The client may also need for some developers in some specific languages or tools for some development services. In such cases, the required number of professionals will be dedicated for the project under a Project Manager. The client has to pay for the number of hours dedicated for the development, troubleshooting, testing and bug fixing, etc.

3. Hire Professionals – Professionals are readily available with MICROWEB SOLUTIONS for any sort of professional services. In such cases, the customer will sign up a contract with us and we will dedicatedly appoint the required number of professionals for the client. The setup will be such that the professionals will work for the client as the client’s staffs in our premises and be paid by the client through us.

In all the cases, the online support will ensured for 24/7.